Case Study: Nordstrom

Gift of Giving


Amidst the bustle of finding the perfect gift during the holiday season it’s easy to forget why we give in the first place.

Nordstrom’s is about connecting with the emotional aspects of giving as well as providing the perfect setting to create that connection. The Gift of Giving video series is an extension of that vision. The magic of a special gift is in its story.

Watch the full series here.

Distribution Methods
Distribution Method

Full Screen Expandable

An excellent vehicle for generating mass awareness and providing consumers with a fantastic full length, in-unit video viewing experience.

Distribution Method

Native In-Feed

Great for driving discovery of your video content and views, both in native publisher environments and back to your preferred landing page (ex. YouTube).

Distribution Method

Guaranteed Views

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into creating compelling video content and you deserve to know its being viewed the right way.

1 in 6 of Nordstrom’s targeted audience watched a full video in the series to completion.