Philo’s mission is to create and distribute the world’s most compelling branded video.

↓ Take a peek into our culture ↓
Culture Principle #1


For ourselves, our partners and our work. We believe in fostering an environment free of judgment. We appreciate one another. Philo is a place where you can freely and safely express yourself and your ideas.

Culture Principle #2


We like smart people that aren’t afraid of accountability and like pushing themselves and their peers outside of their comfort zone. We are a group of individuals that care deeply about our individual and collective contributions, the end result and success of our partners.

Culture Principle #3


Always striving to better yourself and others around you. Philo is a place where you can learn and develop as an employee and individual. We encourage a balanced and positive lifestyle.

Culture Principle #4


We like to take informed risks and explore new ideas. It fuels our creative desires, maintains a challenging environment, and keeps us ahead of the curve.

Culture Principle #5


Full transparency, honesty and openness internally within Philo and externally with the world.