Case Study: Delta Faucets

Art & Innovation


Inspiration is the root of all creativity, and like the Delta design team, those who see the world through a right brain lens truly find influence everywhere. It’s not only perspective, it’s insight and the transformative potential for innovation that surrounds us.

Conceptualized and produced by Philo, Art & Innovation explores the universal commonality all creatives share. The Delta Faucet collections are a product of inventive minds who see the world differently, creating inspiring products that elevate everyday lives through innovative design and functionality.

To promote the newly launched Delta Zura and Trinsic Pro collections, we created beautiful metaphors by organically intertwining the product functionality with the real-life stories of restauranteur, Shawn Cirkiel, and interior designer, Lieve Saether, who explore the world in the same inspired way as Delta designers.

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