Case Study: Kellogg's

Breakfast Reimagined


Breakfast Reimagined is a three part series in which TV host, author, and chef Claire Robinson brings exotic ingredients from around the world to create an inspired breakfast creation. In this episode, we use Mexican spices and flavors to create delicious spiced cornflakes. Kellogg’s brings you Breakfast Reimagined to add some spice to your breakfast.

Watch the full series here.

Distribution Methods
Distribution Method

Full Screen Expandable

An excellent vehicle for generating mass awareness, while providing consumers with a fantastic full length video viewing experience.

Distribution Method

Native In-Feed

Great for driving discovery of your video content and views—both in native publisher environments and back to your preferred landing page (ex. YouTube).

Distribution Method

Guaranteed Views

You’ve invested a lot of time, effort and money into creating compelling video content and you deserve to know its being viewed the right way.

Completion Rate

1 in 6

One in six viewers opted to continue watching the video series after a :30 second preview.
View Rate


1 in 3 users that came across the videos opted to begin watch at least 30 seconds of content.
Total Impressions


Over 13,850,000 impressions were delivered in total for the campaign, targeted to breakfast and brunch enthusiasts, travelers, moms, foodies, and other hand- raisers who were actively seeking out this content.