Case Study: Porsche Panamera

Heavy Metal Orchestra


Refined, but powerfully aggressive: that’s a perfect summary of the Porsche Panamera.

At the core of our feature is the unique fusion of engaging musical content juxtaposed with dynamic driving sequences of the Panamera. We open on a grand symphony orchestra set against an aesthetically captivating backdrop. Transitioning back and forth between the orchestra and the Panamera, the musicians begin fine-tuning their instruments as the Panamera roars to life. Each sequence parallels the progression of the song and our Panamera’s journey.

As the conductor signals for the first note, we see the Panamera take off on a riveting voyage. The orchestra covers a powerful Iron Maiden classic, illustrating through simple metaphor that the Panamera is the world’s most thrilling contradiction.

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Campaign Highlights



Campaign optimizations increased mobile tap-through performance by 3x.


99% favorability with over 1,400 hand raisers liking the video.
Targeted Viewership


Over 350,000 luxury auto enthusiasts watched the video content for a combined 3,000+ hours.